Humans Of Seven Lakes: Konnor Lewis


Q. What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

A.I’m in student council and Black Student Union.


Q. Did you do school online last year?

A. Yes, I did online school for the entire year. 


Q. How does it feel to do school in person after so long?

A. It feels good, I’m adjusting to being back in person and so far it’s been great. 


Q. Do you prefer school in person or online?

A. I prefer in person, but online school is not bad. 


Q. Have any of your studying and homework habits changed from online school?

A. My study habits have changed. I notice that I don’t really have much free time after school as most of my time is taken up by homework. 


Q. Do you feel more stressed or relaxed in online school?

A. I felt more stressed in online school due to the fact I could take breaks. I would slack off on work which would leave me cramming to get it done right before it’s due.


Q. Has participating in extracurriculars felt easier in person? 

A. Yeah, participation in extracurriculars has felt easier.