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graphic by Trisha Das

Cinematic Leftovers

Trisha Das, Copy Editor // January 19, 2022

When Disney's live-action version of the Lion King projected onto the big screen in 2019, fans young and old were excited to relive the classic tale. Instead, a bittersweet taste was left in their mouths...

Dear 2022

Dear 2022

Natalie Guske, Staff Writer // January 12, 2022

Dear 2022, Hectic. Chaotic. Crazy. Non compos mentis (insane or “not in one’s right mind”). These are all words I would use to describe the past two years. With COVID-19 back on the rise, it can...

Time management is a common struggle for high school students, but there are many ways to improve productivity.

Mastering Time Management

Annika Patel, Staff Writer // September 17, 2021

Now that a new school year has started and everyone is in person, it might be a challenge to manage your time. Many students struggle with handling large amounts of homework and extracurriculars. There...

Adjusting to In-Person School

Adjusting to In-Person School

Carlotta Angiolillo, Online Editor-in-Chief // September 7, 2021

    If you spent a year and a half sitting in front of a computer all day, you might still be adjusting to in-person school. But even if this fall is the first time you stepped on campus,...

Preventing Burnout

Preventing Burnout

Carlotta Angiolillo, Online Editor-in-Chief // March 30, 2021

After a long day at school — whether in person or on Zoom — the amount of homework students face on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Along with this is an endless cycle of tests, quizzes, and extracurriculars,...

The Broken Home

Anastasia Milczewski // February 12, 2021

Preserving Wildlife in the Arctic For many years, people have argued whether global warming is real, and if it’s really affecting our world at the end of the day. However, global warming has been proven...

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