New Class Established At Seven Lakes


Katy ISD has introduced a new class at Seven Lakes: African American studies. 

African American studies is a social studies class for grades 9-12 that has been added to the curriculum for the 21-22 academic year. The course covers history and cultural accomplishments of African Americans..

Mr. Robertson is the teacher for A.A.S as well as the sponsor for the Minority Awareness Committee. 

 “This is my first time teaching this class, and the first time it’s offered at our school,” Robertson said. 

In African American Studies, students learn about the rich and diverse history and culture of African Americans. It allows students to broaden their knowledge and understanding of topics such as the history, economics, geography, science, and political realities of African Americans.   The class covers topics in a chronological manner. The class starts off the year discussing  Africa as a whole, including topics like African kingdoms. Other topics for the semester include the transatlantic slave trade, Civil War era, and  emancipation reconstruction, which leads them into the Great Depression for next semester. 

“You hear more of the negatives of Africa in other classes, I’ll leave it at that,” Robertson. “In this class we learn the positives, the culture, the geography, basically everything.” 

Students can make deep connections to the content that is being taught. Some detailed topics they learn include post-Reconstruction to the 20th century, including the NAACP.  They are also encouraged to share the information they learn with friends and family.

“I want students to be lifetime learners and leave this class  wanting to learn more and share the information and use it to better society, “ Robertson said.