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How to Survive a Driving Test

Entering high school, many students look forward to getting their permits and driver’s licenses. Along with hard work and practice, there are a few tips and tricks before the driver’s test that can boost your performance on the test day.

  1. Practice

The only way you can improve is to practice. Start by avoiding busy hours or start your practice in your neighborhood. When you become more comfortable with driving, you can start driving on more crowded roads. It can be scary at first to drive on a road, but it is important to remember not to be nervous when driving. It is fine to drive slower than others on the road, you just need to remember to follow the rules and be aware of the surrounding. It takes time for you to become a mature driver, so you should be patient with yourself.  

    2. Bring All Required Documents

Before you head to the DPS office, check out the DPS website for information regarding the required documents for driver’s license application. Make sure the documents are valid at the time you present them to the DPS officers.

    3. Preparation for the Test Day

There are several steps that can make the process easier on your test day. Make sure to schedule an appointment to take the driving test on the DPS website, and arrive early so that you don’t get anxious and have time to prepare yourself.

    4. Before the Test

When you finished processing all the paperwork, you will wait for the examiner to administer your test. After meeting the examiner, greet him or her politely and ask any questions you might have. It is important to stay clear of any confusion, so you can have the best result.

    5. Drive Normally

Some people can perform worse during the test than they usually do. Because when they are taking the test, they are too cautious or do something they normally would not do, which the examiner could interpret as a sign of a dangerous driver.

    6. Be Confident

Try to impress the examiner with confidence. You have been practicing for a long time, so you need to show them you are well-prepared and able to manipulate your vehicle safely. You can drive slowly, but there shouldn’t much hesitation as that  is another sign of a dangerous driver.

    7. Be Optimistic

Don’t get too frustrated if you fail the test. Not passing the test is not the end of the world, and it doesn’t necessarily make you an inadequate driver. Because you can get multiple attempts for driving test, it is helpful to evaluate what you can improve based on the rubric from the examiner.

The process of getting your driver’s license can be difficult and frustrating, but it is also an exciting experience that will get you one step closer to adulthood.

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