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Exploring Unique Hobbies and Interests: Unconventional Clubs

Photo provided by the bridge club

With such a diverse student population, it’s no surprise that students are continually finding outlets to express their varied interests through specialized clubs. With around 4,000 students, there are several unique passions shared by groups of people here.  Whether it’s delving into dying card games, exploring the stars, or celebrating heritage, students have numerous opportunities to pursue their interests and connect with their  peers.

Astronomy Club: 

The Astronomy Club is a space for students who are interested in space, stars, and want to pursue a career in aerospace. Notably, the club’s president Andrew Chen has a passion for aerospace engineering and hopes to pursue that in the future. The club brings together people with a common interest. 

“We have a lot of people gathered because they like stars and space,” Chen said.  

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The club’s main event is its annual stargazing social where members travel to an area with minimal light pollution and watch the sky to observe the stars’ behavior. Besides this they also do various astronomy/aerospace related activities. 

“We compete in large fictional companies where we have 50 people from all around Texas and the different states,” said Chen. “It’s a really cool experience, and it gives you a taste of what it’s like to be in the actual aerospace design industry.”

Bridge Club

The Bridge Club, led by Urmi Sarkar, aims to revive interest in the classic card game within the student community at their school. Sarkar’s passion for bridge stems from years of learning and competing in the game.

Recognizing the dwindling popularity of card games among younger generations, Sarkar saw an opportunity to create a space where students could learn and develop critical thinking skills through the card game. 

With a focus on both education and competition, the club prepares its members for tournaments by delving into the complexities of bidding and card play. Through their efforts, the Bridge Club not only cultivates a deeper appreciation for the game but also establishes itself as a prominent hub for students interested in honing their skills and participating in bridge competitions.

De-Stress Club

Made to help Seven Lakes Students deal with anxiety due to school, the De-Stress club focuses on helping students deal with anxiety and cultivate healthy habits. 

“I feel like we go to a really competitive school, and the club has helped me put things into perspective,” a student said.

The club currently has about 20 members, and has small gatherings for socials. Similarly to the other smaller clubs, they hope to make a wider impact on Seven Lakes through their activities. 

Caribbean Student Club

Founded this year, the Caribbean Student Club aims to bring awareness to the countries in the Caribbean such as the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Venezuela, and Guyana.  The club is arguably underappreciated, with only four members. Fortunately, the size of the club does not prevent them from participating in a myriad of activities. 

“Coming up in the spring, in Katy ISD, there is a Caribbean Culture Parade that we’re participating in.” club sponsor Lisa Winfield said. 

The members hope to reach a wider audience and grow in membership size, and they are hoping to do that through various events. 

No matter what your interests are, it’s worth looking into the smaller clubs since there’s bound to be a club that suits you. 

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Maya Vishwanath, Staff Writer
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