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Bump, Spike, Serve: The Volleyball Team

Photo provided by Temi Sam-Olibale

In a season marked by teamwork and a newfound resilience, the Seven Lakes Girls Volleyball Team is riding the waves of success: with four wins in the playoffs, they have one more win till they’re district bound. Led by team captains Simone Romriell, Clara Blecher, and Temi Sam-Olibale, the team has made an impressive climb in the Texas rankings, moving up 9 places to 88th in the state.

Leading the charge is senior captain Simone Romriell, a seasoned setter who’s motivated her teammate on and off the court. Despite their loss against Tompkins in the district competition, Romriell prioritized keeping the players spirits high when they faced off against the Falcons in the recent playoff game.  Her efforts to raise spirits were well-rewarded and the Spartans won 3-1. Furthermore, Romriell’s statistics speak volumes: with 47 serving aces and 718 assists this season, she’s a formidable opponent on the court.

“We obviously weren’t able to beat Tompkins in district play, but we knew we were capable of it. In the locker room before the game, I was able to give an inspirational talk which really helped us before the game.”  Romriell said.

 Simone’s  co-captain, Temi Sam-Olibale, has contributed to the team’s rapid improvement as well. As a captain she was not discouraged by her team’s previous loss to Tompkins, instead they went above and beyond to outsmart and outperform their competition.

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“We just got ahead of our competition, we scouted them, we had intentional practices where we discussed what we were going to do just to make sure that we’re ahead and taking advantage of knowing what they do,  how they do it, and how we’re going to stop them.” Sam-Olibale said.

Varsity has some new additions to the team this year. Lily Lott, a sophomore in her first year on the varsity team. Lott, an outside hitter, emphasizes the team’s collective growth and camaraderie, and attributes the team’s success to smartly planned practices and focused training that keeps players strong and free of injuries. 

 “We’ve really grown together as a team,” Lott said. “We practice every day that we don’t have a game, essentially every school day. If we win this game in the playoffs, we advance to regionals.”

In summary, the Seven Lakes Girls Volleyball Team’s journey has shown resilience and unity propelling them to four playoff victories with one more needed for a district-bound status. Captains Simone Romriell, Clara Blecher, and Temi Sam-Olibale have steered the team through challenges, emphasizing both motivation and strategic prowess. Romriell’s standout statistics, including 47 serving aces, underscore her on-court excellence. Sam-Olibale’s strategic approach, overcoming setbacks with meticulous scouting, has been instrumental as they stand on the brink of regional success, the Spartans are not just winning games; they’re crafting a legacy of triumph and teamwork.

About the Contributor
Maya Vishwanath, Staff Writer
Maya Vishwanath is a sophomore in her first year being The Torch staff. She is passionate about journalism and excited to write Spartan news. In her spare time, she loves to sew, repurpose clothes, cook, read, and swim.