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The Spartans Bring Energy and Unity

Photo from Seven Lakes Cheer Team

At a large public school with over 3,000 students, finding common ground and uniting with one another can be difficult. However, there is one event that always seems to bring everything together: the football team. The Spartan football team has emerged not only as a group of formidable athletes but also unifying figures within the school and community.

“The energy of the crowd, especially during the home games, really just makes you want to go out and do well.” Jake Farris, a senior on the football team said.

One of the key elements driving the team’s connection with the school and  community is that  football is something everyone–not just the players and students, but teachers, administrators, and local business owners–can enjoy. The gameday experience is more than just football; it’s a shared celebration of school spirit, and the very basis of what makes a Spartan. 

“Dressing up for spirit days is one of my favorite parts about school,” cheerleader and sophomore Michelle Kim said. 

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Along with students, the cheerleaders, band, and dance team all play a pivotal role in creating an electric atmosphere in the school and the stands. 

“I love getting to be there every game, the energy is great,” band student Ryma Chakraborty said. “I feel like the football team has a really big impact on the school, it boosts school spirit.”

The excitement and buzz prior to the football games is what students look forward to. The dress up days. The morning ensemble from the drumline. The matching spirit shirts flooding the hallways. The energetic pep rallies. The team contributes to that quintessential American high school experience many students are fond of and look forward to. 

It’s easy to forget that players put in countless hours practicing and getting ready for every game in order to give it their all on the field, especially for their school and community. 

“I feel pretty good about this game,” Donye Lake, a player on varsity football said. “We’ve been practicing really well, and I’ve been doing everything I can to help the team and try to remember everything I need to do for the game.” 

Despite recent setbacks, the players haven’t been deterred from chasing their goals. 

“Our last two games were kind of down games, we kind of shot ourselves in the foot and didn’t play to the level we wanted to; but we’ve been staying positive because we showed ourselves we can perform at a high level the first game and we just need to repeat that.” Farris said.

Their resilience and dedication continue to inspire not only their teammates but also the school community, reinforcing the notion that the Spartans are more than just a football team; they are the force that brings Seven Lakes High School together.

“We don’t give up whenever we’re down and we just keep going,” team captain Ryan Fowler said. 

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