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A Show Like No Other

The Seven Lakes Color Guard

During Football games, many times the attention is mainly focused onto the game and the players which is understandable as that’s what the game is about, but come halftime and the occasional after game program, the band and color guard come together to put on a show for all the fans. 

Olivia Sankey, a color guard captain who has been doing color guard for the past 2 years, is willing to give some insight on what it takes to make it.

How long have you done Color Guard and why have you stayed in it for as long as you have?

“I joined my Junior year, so I have done it for 2 years. I’ve chosen to stay in color guard because it is a really fun activity to do, and I love the staff and the teammates I get to work with everyday.”

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Now what has being in the color guard taught you over the course of you doing it and why is it important to you?

“It has taught me the importance of hard work. Joining years later than everyone else on the team forced me to spend a ton of extra time outside of rehearsal practicing and constantly pushing myself to get better. Color Guard is important to me because it has given me so many opportunities for my future that I never thought were possible, and allows me to do what I love most: perform with the people I love.”

What do you look forward to in the Color Guard?

“My favorite thing in Color Guard is definitely the competitions. More specifically marching band competitions. I absolutely love the large crowds, and the adrenaline that comes with hearing a large crowd cheer for you throughout the performance.”

What does it take to be in the Color Guard?

“The most important things are definitely having a hard work ethic, and having a strong willingness to learn new things. At the end of the day, nobody’s perfect at anything, we are all just wanting you to be willing to try your best at everything!”

What are the different roles in the Color Guard?

“Leadership-wise we have 4 captains, who help out with both day-to-day issues and help the staff with the whole guard operations. Furthermore, we have multiple equipment “lines” including a flag line, a dance line, and a weapon line: which includes rifles and sabers.”

Elizabeth Gendrop is also a member of the Seven Lakes Color Guard and shares many of the same sentiments as Sankey did!

Why is Color Guard important in your life?

“Color Guard is important to me because I feel included in something that not only is fun, but has an amazing environment. My best friends are the ones in guard and I get to see them everyday! Color Guard has not only taught me flag and dance but as well as leadership and empathy. As a captain, I have learned to be everyone’s friend and have lots of patience.”

What’s the best part of Color Guard?

“I am always excited for marching band competitions, and as this year’s season is coming to an end, I’m already excited for the next!”


That’s the Seven Lakes Color Guard for you! It gives those within it good memories and great lessons for life and gives us lucky spectators a show like no other!

About the Contributor
Jackson Shivers, Staff Writer
Senior Jackson Shivers is a 3rd year Staffwriter for the Torch and also is a part of the SLHS Softball Team. Jackson hopes to continue to perfect his writing skills as he intends on studying Journalism and Communications at Texas Tech.