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A Trip Across the Pond

All photos provided by Henrique Jones Anicio

Summer trips are very popular among the student body as they allow for many students to have time away from home and freedom away from their parents. In the summer of 2023, English teacher Mrs. Smith took a group of students on a trip to Greece, visiting places like Athens, the Olympics Stadium, and other nearby European islands and countries.

Quite a few students went on this trip, as it was many of their first times to Greece. It was also a good chance to make new relationships with people they hadn’t necessarily met before.

 Junior Nathan Boylan claims that his favorite part of the trip was the fact that he not only had the opportunity to, “branch out and make an unexpected decision,” but it also allowed him to “meet new people in the process.”

While some people were excited about the chance to meet new people, others were more interested in the sightseeing aspect of the trip. During the group’s stay, they had the opportunity to explore places like the Temple Of Athena, a Turkish olive farm, and even islands like Rhodes and Santorini.

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“My favorite part of the trip was exploring all of Greece,” Ava Bell said. “The beach was amazing, and the temples were breathtaking. I loved the interactions in the city and different shops.”

Another big part of the trip was a four day all inclusive cruise, stopping at many places along the way. This is exciting as it gives the students quite a bit of time on their own, having much more freedom and time away from the teachers.

“My favorite part of the trip was the cruise,” Junior Henrique Jones Anicio said. “It was just an overall fun experience with the little pit stops, the hanging out with my friends, and I was a big fan of the food too.”

This trip was a really big deal to all of the students participating. Whether it was the beautiful city of Athens, the relaxing four day cruise, or just getting to opportunity to meet new people, there’s almost no reason to not attend this trip if given the chance.

“ I wanted to take this once in a lifetime experience,” said Ava Bell, “I left this trip with amazing bonds with the people I met.”

About the Contributor
Collin Brown, Staff Writer
Collin Brown is a junior in his first year on the staff. He is very excited to report on everything going on at the school this year. He is on the drumline and is very passionate about writing and music. In his free time, you’ll find him reading and binging cheesy Netflix originals. After graduating, he plans on pursuing an education in psychology.