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A Very Cool Club: FCCLA

FCCLA at Bucee’s. Photo provided Zheen Zhang

High school clubs: there are so many and yet it can be hard to find the right one; a club that’s a good mix of laid back and commit, fun people and events. 

If you’re looking to join a club, the Family Career Community Leaders of America might be the perfect fit for you. To join into the FCCLA chapter you have to be enrolled in a FCF class. FCCLA is a nationally recognized organization and is a very good starter club regardless of your grade level.

“FCCLA is an organization that helps you explore careers and there are a lot of things you can do,” sophomore Christyne Devaga said. 

FCCLA  focuses on culinary education and fashion careers. This can be seen in the competitions that take place such as fashion construction and career investigation. Competitions like career investigations are made up of researching a career and creatively  displaying the information you found. But if that sounds like too much time outside of school, there are also much simpler competitions like the etiquette test. 

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“Cause some people in highschool don’t have time… you can just study for thirty minutes before and you’ll do fine.” Devaga said. 

On top of that, FCCLA has several fun travel opportunities where you can bond with people not just from your high school but others in Katy ISD as well. Meetings happen once a month but they are laid back and relaxed. Some UIL clubs might seem intimidating but FCCLA is always equipped with welcoming smiles and great hospitality. 

“It was a small chapter at the time I joined, obviously it has grown” Devaga  said.  

It started out small but is quickly growing and adding more and more people in its second year. There aren’t many requirements to join but the base entry fee and a few others. FCCLA is an easy fun club that still comes with all the benefits of a serious UIL club. It’s like FFA or FBLA but more centered around liberal arts. Traveling with FCCLA is always an adventure hanging with close friends and doing events that help set you apart on your college applications.

“You have a lot of time to travel… you can make connections and it’s really good for college apps…[I]really like the people, you get to make a lot of friends,” Junior Zheen Zhang said. 

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Rhea is a junior in her 2nd year of being on the newspaper staff. She is an energetic and unique member of the newspaper staff. She is highly motivated by food and friendship. Her interests are reading, Girl Scouts and Basketball. Rhea has been on staff for two years and is excited to bring a new element to our website in the form of Book Reviews.