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Divine Rivals : A Perfect Fantasy For Fall

designed by Rhea Kuriakose

Autumn is a season of pumpkin picking, cozy sweaters, and relaxing rainy days: perfect to curl up with a good book. Fall is such a fun reading season with the chilly weather and the fireplace in the background, but you, like many others, might be wondering: “What should I read after all the fun adventures that took place on beautiful beaches and secluded lakes?” Or, maybe you’re just looking for a book to really get into the fall vibes. As far as perfect fall reads go, you can’t get much better than Divine Rivals by Rebbeca Ross. Think Jim and Pam from The Office if they were rivals reporting on a magical war.


After the craze that was Fourth Wing, the next big thing to take down the booktok/booktube community would be a perfect historical fantasy. Divine Rivals is set in a world similar but not exactly like ours with many obvious similarities; the difference that stands out is the magical war that takes place in it. The war is the backdrop to a beautiful story of a young teenage girl not only risking everything to find her brother, but also how far you’re willing to go to get answers and find your voice. Iris is working as a reporter trying to support her mother after her older brother gets called by ——- to fight in the war. The only thing pushing her forward is the need to beat her long time rival, Roman Kitt. Saddened and reeling from the sudden absence of her brother, Iris types him letters and sends them through her wardrobe, unknowing that her recipient is none other than her rival Roman. Divine Rivals has slight world building, but nothing too intense, making it the perfect getaway for readers hoping to get into fantasy as well as a more laid back book for those who have read a lot of fantasy. Although it is often compared to Fourth Wing, in my opinion, they couldn’t be more different. Both are great in their own ways but where Divine rivals has a gradual crescendo, letting you really sink in and feel the world and atmosphere around you and the characters, Fourth wing is a more intense fantasy. The romance is quite a big subplot in the story and is done beautifully. The third person point-of-view switches from Roman to Iris but most of the book is told from Iris’ perspective. The characters are all fleshed out and given history and motivations, making the world seem more real and genuine. Iris, the female protagonist, is a character you can’t help but root for, and you’ll find yourself, more often than not, relating to her as well. There are some lulls in the story but they make the story all the more comforting and pleasant, providing a feeling of relaxation– though the points where the story picks up will have you reading pages and procrastinating your homework. If you want a charming little fantasy with fun characters, quotes that you can’t help but think about, and moments that make you swoon and giggle, then Divine Royals has your name written all over it! 


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My favorite Quotes:

But I think there is a magical link between you and me. A bond that is not even distance can break.”

My favorite season is autumn, because my mum and I both believe that’s the only time when magic can be tasted in the air.”

I don’t think you realize how strong you are, because sometimes strength isn’t swords and steel and fire, as we are so often made to believe. Sometimes it’s found in quiet, gentle places. The way you hold someone’s hand as they grieve. The way you listen to others. The way you show up, day after day, even when you are weary or afraid or simply uncertain. That is strength, and I see it in you.”

And yet I keep moving forward. On some days, I’m afraid, but most days, I simply want to achieve those things I dream of.”

About the Contributor
Rhea Kuriakose
Rhea Kuriakose, Staff Writer
Rhea is a junior in her 2nd year of being on the newspaper staff. She is an energetic and unique member of the newspaper staff. She is highly motivated by food and friendship. Her interests are reading, Girl Scouts and Basketball. Rhea has been on staff for two years and is excited to bring a new element to our website in the form of Book Reviews.