How to Finish the School Year Strong


With the school year approaching its expiration date, it can get harder to concentrate in class or study for upcoming quizzes and tests. So, here is some advice from fellow students on how to finish the year strong, because sometimes the solution is as simple as putting your phone away. 


Write Things Down

“It’s really hard, but I try to keep up with the planner that I bought the because if I don’t write things down, I wouldn’t keep up with them especially when we are heading closer towards the end of the school,” junior Natalie Guske said. “So, try to write things you need to do that day.” 


Look Alive

“When I am struggling, I try to remember that in a few months or weeks, I will have a two and a half month vacation, so I can do whatever I want and the situation I am in right now will make the good times worth it,” junior Olivia Sotunde said. 


Talk Yourself Through

“Towards the end of the school year, the days become piled together, it becomes harder to tell what day it is or how many days have passed by, but talking myself through my week or day really makes a difference because it cements in my head all that I have to do that day and helps me to remember,” junior Judijoy Jeter said. 


Sleep is Key

“It is definitely easier to fall asleep in class more towards the end of the year, but sleeping early or having a structured sleeping schedule is a key difference in having a bad or good day. I’ve found that it easier for me to be mentally and physically exhausted when I don’t have enough sleep,” junior Mia Bonilla said. 



“Going out with friends and having fun is a saving grace, especially towards the end of the school year because there are so many exams coming up. It can be easy to lose yourself in the pile of work and forget that you need a break,” junior Samyukta Gadam said. 


Hang In There

“Looking at your calendar and seeing upcoming AP Exams, STAAR tests, and finals can be a bit overwhelming, but stay strong because in retrospect it is going to look like nothing,” junior Mia Bonilla said. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Day Off

“Sometimes, as long as you don’t abuse the amount of unexcused absences given, take some mental health days and you’ll find that when you return to school you’ll feel much better than you did,” junior Olivia Sotunde said. “Take a day off, go or a walk in the park, go to the mall, read a book, just anything that’ll make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.”