The Diplomats of the Future

Being a delegate in the United Nations is a big deal; it means being a leader and a diplomat. However, it’s also something that even high school students can now experience. Model United Nations is an activity that simulates the United Nations, in which participants act as representatives of countries in a UN-style conference. The MUN club at Seven Lakes is an active participant in MUN conferences in the region. 

“We learn about global issues by being delegates of a country and coming up with promising solutions,” senior and MUN club president Siddhi Bavare said. 

The MUN club attends four to five conferences a year across Texas. Conferences involve discussions and negotiations in efforts for delegates to work towards finding solutions related to the topics of the conference.

“Some skills you can gain in Model UN are speech and debate,” MUN club member Yojith Maddala said. “Diplomacy and negotiation are important, because global issues can only be solved if everyone finds a common ground to act in a coordinated manner. Research is another crucial aspect of MUN because individuals study the policies of countries and organizations in depth.” 

In this way, MUN is a great way for students to grow and improve their skills in communication and leadership. Conferences expose individuals to various others who represent different motives and ideologies yet work together towards common solutions.

“I like that it is a more formal yet informal environment to grow as a person,” Bavare said. “You gain emotions for all that people go through. Additionally, problem solving, communication, and compromise are skills I have gained. I just love how it has given me so many opportunities.”

Similarly, Maddala has gained new perspectives as well as a sense of community and teamwork through participating in MUN conferences.

“The most fun part about MUN is that people get the opportunity to step inside the shoes of another country to gain a nuanced understanding of why they do what they do,” Maddala said. “It also brings a feeling of being part of a responsible community that impacts the world in one way or another.”

Seven Lakes’ MUN club attended the MUN conference hosted by Rice University on March 25 and 26.

“RMUN was a fun conference,” Bavare said. “I was [representing] the USA in SOCHUM (UN General Assembly Third Committee for Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural issues). I got Outstanding Delegate which is second place. Rice is a beautiful campus, so that was nice to experience.”