Live Music Increases Post-COVID Pandemic

This year is going to be a popular year for concertgoers. With many artists touring with new album releases, many people flock to ticket websites to see their favorite artists perform live. 

From singing into an Italian well and becoming an internet sensation to performing in White Oak Music Hall, pop artist Tiffany Day recently held her concerts for her Gratitude Tour. She started releasing music circa 2019 and recently released an EP titled “The Gratitude Project.”

“I started listening to Tiffany Day in the summer of 2021,” senior Carlotta Angiolillo said. “I thought it’d be fun to go with friends, and I wanted to see her [perform] in person.” 

Lifeguard is an alternative indie/rock band that started in 2019. They were also playing at the New Now showcase at Tweedy’s Bar in March 2023.

“I discovered Lifeguard when I was randomly scrolling through YouTube,” senior Omar Skaini said. “I found out that they were going to Austin so I just went, they’re really good.”

Fujiko are an indie rock group that started releasing music in 2021. They performed for the SXSW New Now showcase alongside Lifeguard.

“I met them in line for the bathroom, and I was waiting for the knife play concert. And the lead guitarist-singer was just like, hey, we drove 20 hours from Illinois. Want to come watch it?” Skaini said. “I was like, yeah sure. And their show was really, really good.”