Making or Breaking a Team

How team chemistry defines a team

Team chemistry is something that makes or breaks a good soccer team, or any team sport in general. The only way to play well is to be able to trust your teammates to not only have your back but to see the way things are playing out on the field. For younger players, that chemistry takes time to build up.

“At first it was [intimidating] trying to find a groove, but as time goes on, I’m getting closer with them,” sophomore Noah Peterson said. 

Peterson has been involved with soccer his whole life, playing club soccer and joining the soccer team as a freshman. Last year, he was on junior varsity and went with the team to State, though he didn’t play much and as a result learned more watching the field. Now, as a sophomore, Peterson is a starter on varsity playing the defender position. A defender requires communication and trust as the last line of defense. Beyond just knowing teammates, it’s also important to know the opponent. 

“[One important step is] preparing for the next team that we play and the way they play,” senior Patricio Valdez said.

Valdez said he enjoys practices that are catered toward his team’s next opponent more than the usual practices where they brush up on skills and plays. Besides practices and games, both Peterson and Valdez look forward to the team dinners before games, as it gives them the chance to bond and loosen up before a match.

Although team chemistry is crucial, having an enthusiastic fan base can also be just as important to a team’s confidence and motivation.  

“It’s nice looking at the fans and everyone cheering,” Valdez said. “It’s just a good energy from the game.”