Fashion and Floral Design Provide Unique Options for Fine Arts Credit

In February, the first destination for students is course selections: filling out School Links, comparing schedules to see if you’ll have any classes with your friends, trying to figure out which are the easy APs or the best classes to take to get your required credits. One of the required credits for students to graduate is a fine arts credit. Most people will go the tried and true method of taking Art I, and then if they want to continue, there’s Art II, Art III, and then in a different direction, there is Ceramics and Sculptures. But for those who don’t like to draw or paint but still have to take a fine arts class, there are other options. Fashion Design is the first to come to mind. It’s a class that offers a great way to grow and advance one’s creativity. 

“I am the only one that teaches students to sew,” Fashion Design teacher Martha Webb said.

Classes like Fashion Design are not only a good to take because of the credit they offer but also the skills you will learn, which will be applicable in later uses. Learning to sew is just the tip of the iceberg. Students come up with their own unique design and see it go from paper to fabric. Fashion isn’t all sewing and making clothes, though; students will receive a thorough unit of the history of fashion and its progression. One class that also offers a dual learning experience like Fashion Design would be Floral Arrangement. 

“[It’s] more project based learning than just regular learning, but we still have tests,” Floral Design teacher Morgan Ognoskie said.

Ognoskie said her classes are unique because students can get their floral certification and go get a job, even in high school, with that certification. Floral Design also has many interesting units such as the wedding unit, which both students and teacher alike enjoy. The unit is deals with planning and deciding everything and then making it come true with your very own skills you have learned.  Despite this unit, students’ favorite part consistently seems to be drawing up a design and making it with their own hands. For students looking for their Art I credit or just want a class that allows their creative outlet to flow through projects and designs, these two classes will be their best bet.