Stickers, Stationery and More: Designed by Regina

The first two years of the pandemic were a rough time for everyone, as the world had to figure out how it could stay engaged while stuck at home. However, many people found the light at the end of the tunnel as they used their newfound free time to explore their talents and be more creative. One such person is junior Regina Paseiro, who got inspired to start her sticker business during the pandemic. 

“I decided to start a sticker business because I’ve always loved stationery, bullet journaling, and creating art. I began seeing many sticker businesses popping up on Instagram and Etsy during quarantine, which seemed like the perfect business idea for me,” Paseiro said. “I’d also been posting bullet journal spreads since January of 2020 on my bullet journal account, so I felt like I was already a part of the same niche that could get my business started.”

Selling stickers is also one of the ways Paseiro can tie her interests into business and entrepreneurship.

“I love digital design and being creative in general, so making stickers from scratch with my iPad and cutting machine is a great way to combine hobbies with work,” Paseiro said. 

Paseiro both sells and advertises her stickers on social media and her website, and her stickers can be delivered to the customer upon order. 

“I mainly advertise my stickers through Instagram, where I have a bullet journal and business account, and Tiktok, where I make pack-with-me videos or record the behind-the-scenes process,” Paseiro said. “To buy my stickers, you just go to my website and place an order like any other online shop, and you will receive an envelope with your stickers in the mail.”

Starting the sticker business has not only helped Paseiro pursue her interests, but has also helped her learn new things related to business and technology.

“I do believe my business has taught me new skills, including time management, people skills, how to work with online softwares, and how to manufacture stickers and sticker sheets from my home,” Paseiro said.

Paseiro plans to expand her business in the future.

“I am planning on continuing my business for as long as possible but not only selling stickers,” Paseiro said. “I want to expand my horizons and start selling apparel, keychains, washi tape, and other stationery.”