It Runs in the Family

Junior Justice Carlton, a player on the women’s varsity basketball team, has reached levels of ability like no other  – not just at Seven Lakes, but at the national level. Her talent has already gotten the attention of many colleges, and she has received several scholarship offers. Justice has been the biggest standout for her team thanks to the support of her coaches, teammates, and family. 

Her biggest supporters, though, are her mom, assistant varsity coach, Kacy Carlton, and her sister, freshman Madi Carlton. In fact, their entire lives have been dedicated to basketball and their everyday routines together at school. Before Kacy became a coach, mentor, and mom to both her daughters, she was Kacy Moffit, one of the top college women’s basketball players at Baylor University, and she even played in the WNBA, as well as seven years in Europe. 

“I tried very young to not push them into the sport, but it kind of came in for them in a natural way which worked out for me and my daughters,” Kacy said. 

“Seeing my mom, her awards she hangs around the walls have really influenced me everyday to become better and work hard, and I am thankful for that,” Madi said.

Today, Kacy is coaching Justice and has guided her in her journey to success at the high school level. Justice has already received several scholarship offers and has been scouted almost every single week by some of the best colleges in the country including Baylor, UCLA, UConn, and many more. Her story is only getting started, and she still has to make the biggest choice of her life.

“It’s been a humbling experience kind of this entire summer of getting the offers,” Justice said. 

“I want it to be completely up to her to make her own choice, and go where she feels like it’d be a good fit for her.” Kacy said. 

Every team is a family, whether or not every teammate or coach is related to each other. This year is special for Justice and Madi, as both sisters finally get to play with each other on the court for the first time in their lives. Alongside their mom coaching them as well, the family has been given the greatest privilege of becoming a team.

“It’s a new experience I’m looking forward to, which I’ve never gotten to do,” Justice said. 

“Madison is already working out with the varsity team, so it’s looking like that’s the direction that we’re going,” Kacy said.

The Carltons aren’t going anywhere for the next two years here at Seven Lakes. They will accomplish so much for the women’s varsity basketball and together as a family. They said they’re also determined to win districts, go far into playoffs, and continue to improve each and every day this season.

“I hope to leave a good image for the first games and each game going forward into our season,” Madi said. 

“I definitely am trying to be the best I can be everyday,” Justice said. “Hopefully [I will] not only lead my team to playoffs, but break the school scoring record for all four years.”