Engineering Our Future

The RoboSpartans have been around since 2012. When first established, the team was named “First Robotics team 4639” or “Seven Lakes Robotics.” They started with only 15 members and now have over 100 members and more joining every year.

Senior Ausmit Mondal, the current build director, has been with the team since his first year of high school. He manages all the build departments, including mechanical, machining, electrical, programming, and CAD. 

“I’m the current build director. That’s like one level below the president,” Mondal said.

The team’s current robot is Hermes, built for the 2022 Rapid React season. They don’t only build robots for competing, though.

“There’s also a community side where you can volunteer to help younger generations, like elementary and middle school kids who get involved in robotics,” Mondal said.

Senior Javier Amezcua, the spirit director, joined the team this past year. As the spirit director, his job is to boost mood and morale. His role acts like a mascot for the team and encourages members to cheer on the team.

“It is something I truly enjoy and care for. It is something I put my heart and soul into,” Amezcua said.

Some of the team’s accomplishments include attending worlds this past school year, district awards, spirit awards, and state awards. Our team won the Engineering Inspiration award at the Pasadena District Event in 2022 during the Rapid React season with Hermes. This award celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation inside a team’s school and community. 

“We’ve doubled the amount of awards we’ve earned since the beginning of the team,” Mondal said.

For many members, the group has become a big part of their lives. They put numerous hours into the work per week – sometimes even up to 30 hours a week. It’s a family to many, if not most, members. All the members work together so often that they create strong bonds. 

“We just kind of made a little community where people can join and be proud of what they do,” Amezcua said.