Setting the Stage for Success


Photo by Lola Afolabi

The Sensations women practice their choreography for their upcoming show.

The Sensations are a group of extremely talented dancers and singers with voices that blend various genres such as jazz and pop. Along with the stage presence of pop singers, they take on stages with confidence and leave the crowds dazzled by their performances. 

“In the fall, we’ll [do] show choir, so we do Broadway show tunes, that type of stuff,” junior Kourtney Melton said. “Then in December, we do a lot of caroling in the community. After, in spring, we go to a madrigal choir. So that’s more classical repertoire, and we go and compete with that.”

 They have been awarded for their exemplary performances and excellent coordination, but what makes them good at what they do? What sets them apart from other groups? Well, first of all, practice. The Sensations dedicate time out of their day to better themselves as performers, not only as a group, but individually.

“We rehearse after school till five every day,” senior Anna El- Assaad said. “We spend way more time with the directors and stuff and we get a lot of opportunities, so it really is focused on bettering our performance.” 

Along with their dedication to their art and the drive to improve their skills, the sense of community means a lot to them. They are a small group consisting of only 14 people. Still, they have been able to develop deep connections with each other – connections that have not only helped them work together but learn from each other and respect one another in order truly be in sync as a group.

“When you’re singing in a group, you not only have to focus on what you’re doing and how everyone else is  performing but how everyone in the group is doing,” El-Assaad said. “Growing individually is also really important in Sensations. Everyday, you’re just growing more as a singer.”

Along with the sense of community, the Sensations focus on what they want and effectively communicate their goals as a team. Through that, realizing what they accomplish not only as a team but what they are aspiring toward individually has helped them succeed.

“We all want to put out a good product on the stage but also create good bonds,” El-Assaad said. “You know, that’s why I missed Sensations from last year. I love the group this year, but we just had such a solid bond last year, and I want us to be able to build that again.”

They have started the school year on a good path and are ready to extend this determination  throughout the year.

“We’re really proud to be representing Seven Lakes anywhere we go, you know, we’re going to work really hard with our directors,” El-Assaad said. “And we’re going to work really hard individually to make sure that we put out the best product at all of our competitions and all of our performances.”