Can You Hear Them?

In this past month, the marching band has continued to dominate their competitions and has been preparing to compete for State UIL for the third straight year. They’ve been able to complete their entire show before their first competition and have continued to improve each part of their show every single week. Their show “Ssh” includes music from the Go-Go’s  1980s hit song “Our Lips Are Sealed,” connecting to the theme of  “See no evil, Speak no evil, and Hear no evil.”

Directors John Mays and Brody Wadkins have run each rehearsal with the band and have pushed each single student to do their very best. With the crew they have put all this show together, and they have added wonderful music and visual effects that have gone to the next level. Every section including brass, woodwinds, percussion, and color guard has dedicated themselves more than 20 hours a week rehearsing for their competitions. In their first two competitions, they won 7th in BOA Katy and won the Katy Marching festival for the fifth year in a row.

“Our directors have the perfect mix of fun and hard work,” senior and band president Matthew Corrigan said. “They’ve given us a hard job to accomplish this year and with their encouragement we have risen to the challenge and are performing beautifully so far thanks to everyone’s commitment.”

The brass section has shown the energy and hard work through dedication, teamwork, and leadership throughout the entire season. The brass section is led by senior captain Cathy Molyneux, and she has been a huge example for the rest of her section. 

“As brass captain I am responsible for 4 combined sections (trumpets, mellos, baritones, and tubas) to make up the brass section of the band,” Molyneux said. “I have organized brass sectionals, and overall I ensure that the brass is consistently rehearsing well so we can be successful in our performances.”

Woodwinds bring the melodies and countermelodies during the show and have proven to be the most consistent section in the band. In the Katy Marching Festival, they won the award for best woodwinds and were recognized for their hard work. They are very excited for what comes next and hope to continue putting their hearts out for when they compete at UIL State.

“I can speak for everyone in our section when I say that we are very excited for what’s to come,” senior bass clarinet Lucca Traslosheros said. “I think that there is so much potential for an amazing result (hopefully) at BOA San Antonio and UIL State Finals.”

The drumline and percussion are the battery of the band and bring excitement to all the audience. With their mentor Allen Vinson, he has been noticed for usually helping out percussion and working with them every single day. His remarkable standards of working hard have definitely touched his section especially snare drum captain, Cho Abad.

“Vinson has done so much for us,” Abad said. “He is our biggest cheerleader and you just notice the right way he really gets us hype which really benefits us.”

Color guard brings the effects and the rest of the show to life with their flags, rifles, and sabers. They are recognized for their teamwork and enhance the color and vibe of the show. Without them, there would be no visual effects added to an incredible part of the show.

“I hope that just all the girls are feeling confident where they are at the end of the season,” senior and color guard captain Hazel Hickman said. “Skill wise and as a group I want them to feel good and have fun.”

The season isn’t over for the band just yet, and they still have bigger and better competitions left this season. They will perform at the AREA Marching Band Contest, and if they win they move onto to UIL State Competition in San Antonio for the third straight year.