Humans of Seven Lakes: HOCO Queen Merae Martinez


Photo provided by CADY Studios

Q: Why did you run for homecoming court?

A: I just thought the whole experience would be fun. I wanted to dress up and walk on the field. I saw past cheerleaders do it and I just wanted to do it, I thought it’d be fun.


Q: How did you feel when you found out you won homecoming queen?

A: I was honestly really surprised because I wasn’t expecting it. It was kind of just really nice. I thought it was still fun just being out there just like the experience, but winning made it a lot better and it was really, really exciting.


Q: What was your favorite moment from homecoming night?

A: Probably seeing my whole family there. My step dad flew in from California to come and walk the field with me. So I think that was really fun, seeing my family there and my friends.


Q: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

A: I’m a cheerleader. I cheer and then outside of cheer, I work at Main Squeeze. I did this little spirit club here, I’ll be the president of it for the football players.


Q: Who’s your role model in your life?

A: Oh, definitely my mom. She was only 22, single mom and she had two little newborn babies. So she’s definitely the strongest person I know. She’s definitely my role model.


Q: Has anything recently struck you with inspiration?

A: I would say my sister. She just moved over to college. She’s a freshman this year at Tech so she’s really far from family. Seeing her be able to live by herself and really thrive by herself away from family. She kind of inspires me for next year.


Q: What are some words that you live by?

A: I would definitely say just live in the moment, don’t worry about things that have already happened and just move forward and move on.


Q: What are some of your best qualities or traits?

A: I would say I’m a pretty forgiving person. I don’t like to hold something against somebody, I think people make mistakes and that they just deserve to be forgiven.