Humans of Seven Lakes: Mia Bonilla

Q: What is something you personally take pride in but others don’t really know about you?

A: I’ll admit that I take pride in my grades. I pretend that I don’t really care about quiz or test grades but to be honest, I feel like everyone is guilty of that.


Q: What is typically the last thing you think of before going to bed?

A: The last thing I think about before falling asleep is how happy I am to end my day because I am usually exhausted. I also just think about what the next day is going to look like for me and then I reflect on moments that happened that same day.


Q: If you had to pick one, what song defines you?

A: Well, my favorite artist is Harry Styles so if I had to pick a song that defines me, it’s “Treat People with Kindness” [because] it’s a song that promotes positivity and love towards each other.


Q: What is your favorite memory from growing up?

A: I literally can’t remember anything from my childhood but I do have a key memory of my mom giving me my first chapter book in third grade, “The Little Princess.” That was the first time that I read for fun and it really just stuck with me throughout my life. I literally finished reading that book in a day and I remember becoming obsessed with reading anything. It’s just a sweet memory that honestly defines the person that I became.


Q: What is a talent you wish you had?

A: I also get jealous at people who are effortlessly amazing at drawing and painting. I really wish I had any type of artistic skill basically. I feel like it would make my life a little easier for some reason.


Q: What do you want to achieve in your life?

A: I want to achieve stability and just like content with my life. I want to have a job that I’m happy to go to and I really want to be financially stable enough to travel the world.


Q: What product could you not live without and why?

A: Well, it’s not really a product but I can’t live without music. I’m always listening to it because there’s always a song that can perfectly match your feelings and even situations. It’s almost like a way for me to reflect on my emotions. Plus music is just a beautiful form of art and anyone can appreciate it.