Humans of Seven Lakes: Ginger Hickman


Q. What is your favorite place to go to in your free time and why?

A. I really like being in my house and then I have a couple of best friends; I [go] to one of their houses a lot.


Q. What is a favorite memory you have from growing up?

A. We went on a lot of road trips because we were homeschooled for two years. And it was really fun; my mom would take me and my sisters and we just drove all over the country and saw lots of things because we had the time to. That was a really special memory.


Q. What is a talent you wish you had and why?

A. I wish I could pick up a language really fast because I’m learning a language, but I wish that I could learn a bunch more really fast. 


Q. If you had to pick one, what song defines you and why?

A. Definitely any Taylor Swift song. But I’m recently into this song called “People Watching” by Conan Gray and every time I listen to it, I’m like, “Why did every single line apply to me?”  


Q. How do you see yourself ten years from now?

A. If you want my ideal view, I would be 24, probably in college, hopefully pursuing musical studies of some sort, and making enough money to provide for myself, possibly dating or married- may or may not have a  family. [I] definitely just [want to be] happy with my life.


Q. How have you grown the most in the last few years?

A. I would say confidence and social skills. especially in the last few months with band. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with a lot of different things, and I made a lot of new friends.


Q. What is something you’re passionate about and how has it shaped you?

A. I’m definitely passionate about band; it’s definitely shaped me a lot, especially when I started high school band because of the relationships and people and unity, and it has given me a lot of skills. I just really enjoy the people as well as feeling accomplished after practicing really hard and doing well at a competition.


Q. What family member/s have influenced you the most and why?

A. My parents and my older sister too-  her sense of humor [because] she has a really weird sense of humor, and it seeps into me. So, she imposes a lot of my traits in terms of personality, but my parents have taught me my values.


Q. What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone?

A. Love one another. Love everyone. Everyone deserves love. And not necessarily romantic love, just kindness and positive radiation.


Q. What book or movie do you connect the most with?

A. I really like this book called “Wild Bird.” I relate to how complicated things can be emotionally and how hard it is when you’re in those really tough times to know how to go about doing anything; you kind of have to reshape yourself and that just can be really hard.