Humans of Seven Lakes: Preston Bozeman

Q: Why did you decide to start the fishing club here at Seven Lakes?

A: Fishing has always been a huge passion of mine. Every weekend when I go out and fish, I’m able to clear my mind from my burdens and struggles. It’s very therapeutic. Consequently, I felt convinced to start the fishing club because it would be really cool to see a student body of Spartans who share that same passion as I do, and I also believe that it’s important to pass on my knowledge of fishing to other fellow Spartans.


Q: Before starting the fishing club, what first got you into fishing?

A: The first thing that got me into fishing was being able to do it with my family members. I remember one fishing trip where my dad and I just caught catfish after catfish, and it was so much fun for me at the time. I also remember when my aunt and I went out on a boat catching bass using little live mosquito fish that we had caught with our hands, using a plastic water bottle as a live well. Definitely one of my favorite memories. Everything about fishing fascinated me starting from a little age, and it’s probably because of the great experiences I had with my family members.


Q: What is one thing that your football coaches like about you?

A: If I were to assume what my football coaches like about me, it would probably be my discipline and respect, on and off the field.


Q: Is there any kind of competition for you when it comes to fishing or football? 

A: For football it goes without saying! As for fishing, I would say there is lots of friendly competition between my friends and I when we fish together. It’s really fun when we agree on a challenge, like who catches the biggest fish or who catches the most, and see who the winner is.


Q: Would you rather fish in the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean? Why?

A: I think I would rather fish in the Atlantic Ocean because I am more familiar with the fish species that live in it and Atlantic Ocean game fish are really fun to catch.


Q: How did you find you made varsity for football?

A: I believe the coaches just noticed the work and determination that I put into each practice and each 5th period, putting me in a position where I had a lot of potential to develop into a solid varsity athlete.


Q: Do you have a special routine when it comes to fishing?

A: Typically I will go when the sun isn’t in full blast, like in the morning or evening. I can’t really say that there is a specific routine besides preparing which tackle to use that day, my rod lineup, and other basic things before going on a fishing trip.


Q: For football, what is your favorite thing about the games?

A: My favorite part about our football games is the atmosphere. We get to play at the 70 million dollar Legacy Stadium while being surrounded by fans, making it a truly otherworldly experience. I remember being a 6th grader sitting at Legacy Stadium, mesmerized by our team, our culture, and our stadium. It’s crazy knowing that I’m not just a fan anymore, I’m actually part of the action, and it’s a feeling like no other.


Q: How do you feel about this football season?

A: I am very proud of what we have accomplished as a team so far. It’s looking like we have a great shot at the playoffs this year if we can take care of business. We have a lot of talent this year and I believe that this season will go down in school history as one of the best we’ve ever had.


Q:What are you hoping to get from this football season?

A: I am definitely hoping for a playoff appearance and a playoff win. We have a very tough opponent in the first round if we do make playoffs, so defeating them would be fantastic for the course of our season and would also mark the first time that Seven Lakes has gone more than 1 round in playoffs.