Leading the Way

Senior Daniel Fox discusses his leadership position in band


Photo by Jessica Escovy

Daniel Fox marches and plays the trumpet in the halftime show in the first Seven Lakes varsity football game versus Memorial.

Senior Daniel Fox enjoys his leadership role in the marching band and has been a part of the marching band for all four years.  His role as section leader  comes with lots of responsibilities, and has helped Fox grow as a person.

Every year before summer starts, the band directors select students  to be section leaders for each instrument in the band. Juniors and seniors try out for the position, and  directors usually pick people from wind symphony or symphonic winds, the two highest bands in the school. To become section leader, Fox believes it is important for students to show that they care about others. 

“Just be kind,” Fox said.“Go to the three events with all the new incoming freshmen, and make sure you’re helping all the little kids out so each kid doesn’t feel left out.”

Band directors pick section leaders based on grades, social skills, and discipline.  Section leader is not the easiest role to play in the band, so a lot is expected of them.  

“I think one good section was probably my freshman year with Hunter and Abigail,” Fox said.  “They stayed behind and made sure everybody got a ride home, and they actually genuinely cared about everybody.”

Throughout the years, Fox has seen what his section leaders do to make their section the best in the band. He has seen how each member builds relationships with one another, and the trumpet section has shown what it means to be a unified section in the band.

“I try to make this section have a good atmosphere,” Fox said.“Of course, incoming freshmen are not going to be perfect. But I try to make it a good atmosphere, so they can receive criticism and not feel extremely bad about receiving criticism. We all have criticism and proper things we need to fix, but [it’s important to] receive it openly so that each person can do the best they can.”

Fox has enjoyed his four years in the trumpet section, and he has high hopes in his final year in the band. He hopes to end on a high note for the end of year and the marching season. He has had many accomplishments in the band from his freshman year to being a section leader in his final year.

“When I was a freshman, I was probably more introverted,” Fox said. “But as the years in high school progressed, I felt I progressed more as a human being and I could actually help others and my experience grew as well.”