Star Kicker Hits Game-Winner

Senior Keegan Sneedon drills a game winning field goal in nail-biting win


Photo by Koen Schill

Senior Keegan Sneedon prepares to kick the winning field goal in the season opener against Memorial.


Senior kicker Keegan Sneedon stands tall on the field, bouncing slightly as he awaits the snap. With only three seconds remaining on the clock, a losing score of 10-9 flashes across the massive scoreboard behind him.  Memorial and SLHS fans alike roar as the deciding kick ensues. The snap is clean; the placeholder sets the ball on the ground. Sneedon runs forward and boots the ball through the air. A thousand pairs of eyes scan the night sky, watching the pigskin tumble end over end, nearing closer and closer to the uprights…

“I had one other game-winner attempt last year, but it was blocked,” Sneedon said. “It was a crazy experience, but I just had to clear out my mind for the moment.”

That wouldn’t be the case this time. In the season-opener against Memorial, Sneedon drilled the winning field goal, resulting in a 1-0 start to the season for the Spartans. It also marked the first SLHS victory over Memorial since 2016, creating quite the electric atmosphere in the moments following. 

“Everyone was going nuts,” Sneedon said. “I walked into the locker room a little late, but as soon as I walked in, everyone jumped in and started going crazy.” 

Despite the overall excitement, it wasn’t too big of a surprise that Sneedon nailed the kick – he’s been doing it for years. Sneedon played soccer constantly as a child and is currently a member of the varsity soccer team.

“It was actually soccer that came first,” Sneedon said.  “When I joined football in middle school, I hopped on to the kicker spot because of what I’d already done in soccer.It came naturally to me; it’s just like kicking a soccer ball.”

Natural, indeed. Sneedon’s powerful leg and 6’3”, 195 lb frame made him a five star recruit for kicking, and he is currently being recruited by various D1 colleges. However, the senior only plans on pursuing football at the collegiate level.

“I’ve had talks with Oregon State,” Sneedon said. “My favorite options [for college] would be Oklahoma State, TCU, or Oregon State.”

But Sneedon’s focus is still the upcoming season. With district play lurking around the corner, the kicker is dialed in and focused on reaching various team and personal goals.

“My goals for the rest of this year is to be 100% on PATs, and try to keep 85% accuracy on my field goals,” Sneedon said. “I think we’re going to be a great team this year, with lots of chances and opportunities.”