Recap: 2020 Katy ISD Election

This story was originally written before the election but has been adapted to include more information. Results were found from Katy ISD’s released tabulation documents.


Position 4

  • Michael Paul Dillard: 29,053
  • Leah Wilson: 39,211

Position 5

  • Bill Lacy: 30,664
  • Greg Schulte: 37,714


When it comes to drama and attention in the news, the presidential election takes the cake. Because of that, it’s easy to miss that Katy ISD also had an election on Nov. 3. Here’s everything you need to know:

What positions were up for election?

Positions 4 and 5 of the Board of Trustees were up for election. The candidate of Position 3 — Ashley Diehl Vann — ran unopposed.

What is the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees is a group of seven members that makes policies for Katy ISD, manage district affairs, and select and help the superintendent. Members are not paid and serve three year terms.

Who was on the ballot, and what are their top priorities?

Position 4: Michael Paul Dillard

  • Improving COVID-19 learning
  • Maintaining and funding growth of the district through bonds
  • Creating a protocol to combat human trafficking in Katy ISD

Position 4: Leah Willson

  • Improving access to aid in mental health for students
  • Expanded learning options such as trade school and ability to graduate high school with an associate degree
  • Improving communication with more transparency

Position 5: Bill Lacy

  • Planning for growth in Katy ISD
  • Improving finances
  • Ensuring all students have the same opportunities

Position 5: Greg Schulte

  • Making Katy ISD the best school district in the nation
  • Listening to the community and taking action on things like COVID-19, special education, and racism
  • Ensuring a strategic plan for the annual budget

What are the requirements to be on the Board?

Everyone on the ballot is required to live in Texas for at least 12 months and live in the Katy ISD school district for at least 6 months.

What political parties are candidates affiliated with?

For district elections, there are no political parties; it is a nonpartisan election. You can choose candidates based on their past experience and involvement in Katy ISD. To learn more about each candidate, click here.

How can I vote for Board members?

You may only vote if you are 18 and up. The Board election is included on your ballot for Election Day and Early Voting.

How can I stay updated on what the Board does?

The Board of Trustees meets once a month and live streams the meetings online. Meetings begin with an Open Forum, then continue on to topics affecting the district. If there is an issue that matters to you that you want to bring to the attention of the Board of Trustees, click here.

The actions of the Board of Trustees may affect you more directly than the national election. It is important to take action and be involved in the decisions of our district’s policy makers. If you are 18, make sure to tune in May 1 to vote for your Board of Trustee members!