Things at School You May Not Know About

Tyler Welch, Editor-in-Chief

Seven Lakes is a diverse school full of students bursting with different interests, talents, and passions. As such, there are many different teams, clubs, and programs at our school dedicated to our student’s passions. Here’s a few at our school you may not know about.

Though many of our students receive the yearbook at the end of every school year, many students are unaware of the fact that the press staff also includes a newsmagazine. The Torch is a newsmagazine run by students, and it spotlights particular students in the school as well as a variety of articles about every topic imaginable. The first edition of this year comes out in October, so be on the lookout for it!

Students are very familiar with the big sport programs at our school, such as the football and volleyball teams, but there are a few other teams that deserve the spotlight too. Some clear examples of this are the hockey team and the lacrosse team. Neither of these squads show up on the Athletic Department’s website, even though they have garnered much success, respectively. A good way to find more information on these two teams, as well as other underappreciated squads such as the cross country, golf, tennis, and swim teams, is through social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

While on the subject of teams, there is another category of competitors at Seven Lakes. This would be the academic teams — the Decathlon, Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, and many more teams of gifted, hardworking students. These groups travel to competitions where they show off intellect and thinking skills,receiving national acclaims and awards. The Seven Lakes official website has links that lead to each of the teams individual websites, so check them out!

Lastly, Seven Lakes is home to many unique and fun clubs that capture every interest point you could think of. From the Robotics club to Best Buddies, and from the Astronomy club to the Rock Climbing club, there are many great chances to meet peers with similar interests. To find out how to join, or where to go for these groups, the Instagram account @sevenlakesclubs provides plenty of information on our clubs.

There are so many great opportunities at this school to give our students enjoyable and memorable experiences that last a lifetime. So this year, be on the lookout for these underrated and unheralded subdivisions of our school. You won’t regret it!