FBLA State Winners


story by: Emily Rabalais, FBLA Sponsor, SLHS Faculty

Congratulations to the Seven Lakes Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and their excellent performance at the FBLA State Leadership Conference and Competition in San Antonio, Texas this past weekend.  After having 145 students qualify for state, Seven Lakes FBLA students came back with 106 students placing at state in 49 different competitions and 90 students qualifying for National Competition in Anaheim, California this summer.  Seven Lakes brought the most students to competition at the state level and should be the largest chapter representing Texas at the national level.  We are also excited to announce that Rashu Jain was elected as the State Reporter/Historian. Thanks also to the other FBLA advisers, Clark Saunders and Carla Jones, and to our other state chaperones, Mary Margaret Trieff Jozwiak, Stephen Saldana, and Paola Garcia.

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