Freshman vs. Seniors

We interviewed freshman and seniors to explore how student perspectives change throughout high school.

PRODUCERS:  Viviana Lopez, Jeffrey Halfen
CREATED: 9/5/28

Several members of the marching band tell us about their competition show.

PRODUCERS: Andrea Veerachalee

CREATED: 9/19/28

An overview of all the events of homecoming week.

PRODUCERS: SpartanTV Staff, Narration by Carmela Asmar

CREATED: 9/19/28

We caught to several of our new teachers here on campus.

PRODUCERS: Evan Davis, Josiah Kwon

CREATED: 9/5/28

26 Questions with Mrs. Finnesand

Principal Finnesand is introduced to the students by through a series of questions about a variety of topics.

PRODUCERS: Sudona Barton, Riddhi Rege

CREATED: 9/5/28

Midsummer/Jersey Preview

We look in on the fall production of A Midsummer/Jersey.

PRODUCERS: Winnie Ng Zhen

CREATED: 9/19/28


Videos coming soon!