Humans of Seven Lakes

Humans of Seven Lakes: Matthew Menezes

“I joined Robotics club freshman year. Initially, I wasn’t all that interested because the club was small only having 20-30 people but eventually, I saw the club grow more and more, and as an Eagle Scout, I saw the chance to lead them. What inspired me to run for presidency was this one project where we had to basically design a STEM workshop for 12 Houston inner city schools, and teach over 300 elementary students. Presidency is an elected position, and my peers saw my leadership qualities and how I had the potential to lead the club better than anyone else. My sister was president before me and she was admittedly an extraordinary president and my main reason for joining the club. I have learned from all her mistakes and now the club is the largest it has ever been.

The biggest challenge I face being in Robotics is honestly trying to juggle a lot of things because we have over 100 members and dozens of mentors, the parents of the students. We separate our teams in different tracks. For example, we have our programming/electrical/mechanical teams- the build teams. Separate from the build teams, we have the outreach teams such as community education, fundraising, and we have people who encourage team spirit. As president, my job isn’t necessarily to do the activities. My job is to make sure each one has a plan.

Our club competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. While winning competitions is one of our goals, our main goal is to inspire students to join STEM.  I’m definitely planning a career in computer science. My primary focus is going to be game designer, which has a lot to do with robotics. What I enjoy the most is not just the robots, it’s mainly the comradery of being able to interact with 100 different people and being able to build a team.”

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