God Isn’t Just a Woman, She’s Woman Of The Year

Billboard Named Ariana Grande Woman Of The Year. Here’s Why it Matters

Ariana Grande has done a lot this year. From dominating the charts with her fourth studio album, “sweetener,” to becoming an unstoppable twitter personality, she’s racking up accomplishments left and right.  Billboard declaring her Woman of the Year was hardly shocking, as successful women are the frontrunners for the award. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Ariana Grande is more than just successful.

“She’s been delivering great music,” sophomore Anna Khan said. “She’s a super talented, well deserving young woman.”

Grande will be accepting the award on Dec. 6 at the annual Women in Music dinner and awards gala. She’ll be joining the likes of music icons Beyonce, Madonna, and Lady Gaga.

“Her music defines exactly what pop music has been like in the last decade or so,” sophomore Asha Kalapatapu said.

While her breakthrough came five years ago, Grande has yet to slow down. “sweetener” is her third number one album on the Billboard 200 chart, and her newly-released single, “thank u, next,” named after Grande’s twitter response to her ex-fiance’s televised jokes about their ended engagement, has settled into the number one spot.

“I feel that aside from being an amazing musician, she is also an inspiration to many because she has gone through so much this year,” Kalapatapu said. “Yet she’s still continued to be strong.”

Although Grande has found incredible success, she’s also had to handle the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, the ending of her tumultuous one-month engagement to Pete Davidson, and PTSD from the terrorist attack that occurred at her concert in Manchester, England on May 22 of 2017.

“She definitely deserves it,” Kalapatapu said. “She still has made time to write amazing songs and perform for her fans.”

Indeed, Grande doesn’t shy away from her mental health issues. Her song “breathin” is about her struggles with anxiety and PTSD, and she regularly takes social media breaks to focus on her mental health.

“She inspires people around the world with mental health issues to continue to be strong,” Kalapatapu said. “It helps [people] realize that it’s okay to have these types of challenges.”

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