A Library of Love


New Librarian Lisa Nguyen Reflects on Her Job

The soft clacking of the keyboards, the soft ruffle of pages, the closing of books – all are heard every day in the library. This year, Lisa Nguyen was hired to fill the position of librarian, bringing her skill, experience, and goals for the utilization of library resources.

“Overall, my biggest goal is to make accessing the library and the materials we have as easy as possible for staff and students,” Nguyen said. “However, my biggest goal for this year is the collection of books reorganized.”

Nguyen graduated with her masters in Library Science from Sam Houston State University in 2012, and since then, she has been able to do what she is passionate about and has impacted students and teachers.

“I get to do on a daily basis what I love to do,” Nguyen said. “How lucky am I? I care very much that my patrons have access to what they need and that they are successful in their endeavors.”

Nguyen has worked for Beck Junior High for the past five years, and as with any new environment, adjusting can be difficult. Nevertheless, Nguyen is beginning to settle in.

“The biggest challenge I have faced so far is getting to know the library collection, students, and staff,” Nguyen said. “This campus is much larger than the campus I came from, so it has taken a while to get to my bearings.”

With 80 percent of the Beck community being impacted by Hurricane Harvey last year, Nguyen collected books and was able to host a pop-up shop at their first post-Harvey community dinner.

“As a librarian, it was my personal goal to help families rebuild their home libraries,” Nguyen said. “It was so satisfying to see the families so happy to get new books.

Nguyen has since acquainted herself with  a new group of students, going from class to class helping show students how to access the library databases, and helping students who come into the library looking for books and resources.

“Nothing makes me happier than being able to help,” Nguyen said. “Whether it is a student or teacher, helping them to accomplish their goal is beyond rewarding.”