Mon. May 25th, 2020


Make A Run for It

Photo by Lisa Silveira

Girls Cross Country Wraps Up a Successful Fall Season

The beat of feet on pavement, the refreshing morning air against sweaty skin, the exhilarating stretch of muscles – all are common to a successful cross country practice. With weekly meets and practices every morning at 6 a.m., the girls cross country team’s hard work has paid off in their 6th place win at regionals – a strong end to a strenuous season.

“The cross country team has performed really well this season,” junior Hayley Lewis said. “Last season we had a bit of a hard time, but we’ve come back stronger than ever.”

Multiple members of the team faced setbacks that could have thrown them off track, but their hard work and dedication to the team enabled them to pull through.

“This season, many people had small injuries that set them back a little bit, myself included,” Lewis said. “We go to the athletic trainers to get back to normal though. I’ve been injured for about a month but I still pushed through and ran at districts.”

The team has become tight-knit and has many team rituals and traditions to help them prepare for meets.

“We have a ‘Big Sister, Little Sister’ tradition,” Lewis said. “Every Friday, we give our person we’re assigned to some sort of gift before the meet for some motivation. We’re a super close team.”

This tradition helps new members because it provides them with a mentor who can guide them through the demanding aspects of cross country.

“I like having a guide,” freshman Blez Arbolado said. “I came into the season pretty clueless, and Hayley has given me a lot of helpful insight.”

By sharing candy, snacks, and even stuffed animals, the tradition allows students to get to know each other despite grade level differences.

“Since I’m a freshman, I expected the upperclassmen to be mean and rude to the underclassmen,” Arbolado said. “The ‘Big Sister, Little Sister’ tradition has shown me that all of the upperclassmen in cross country are super nice. My older teammates are some of the sweetest and most dedicated people I’ve met.”

Overall, the cross country team’s successful season has brought them even closer than before, and encouraged them for the future.

“My favorite part about being on the team is probably just how well everyone gets along,” Lewis said. “We all cheer each other on at the finish line at every meet, and we all genuinely love being around each other. I couldn’t ask for a better team.”