Humans of Seven Lakes

Humans of Seven Lakes: Deborah Opara

“When I wrote the first book I was nine. It was a cliche book where the boy likes the girl. But the second book got better. I wasn’t thinking about how the ending would be. I didn’t know I was going to have a series. I didn’t know I was going to have this character doing all these kinds of things. I didn’t know that her parents actually weren’t killed. It was like somebody was playing the movie inside my head and I was just writing it. That’s how I came up with the stories. I feel like each book I write I just get better.

Recently, I came up with another idea for another novel that I’m going to write. It’s literally God who puts ideas in my head – I just start writing. I was just going through a normal school day and something that I did during the school day just made me want to write that novel and that’s how it started. I’m currently writing the last book of the series “Whatever Goes Around Come Back Around.” It’s about this girl named Savannah who believes that her parents died, but they were actually taken hostage by a monitoring agency. She’s in an orphanage, but she got out and now she’s being monitored by the same agency. She believes that her life is cursed, but it isn’t, because someone is actually making her life miserable. She finally figures out who is doing this all to her and she fights back. She’s trying to get her parents back but unfortunately she doesn’t get to be with her parents again.

The one I’m currently writing is going to be the best one. It’s because of my improved writing skills and the suspense it has throughout the whole entire book. I see my books becoming a TV show that not only people enjoy and are entertained by it but people are inspired by. When I published my first book, I did go through some hardships. Now I’m all good, and I plan to get it out to Hollywood in order to show people you can do anything – not just writing a book. You can do anything you want to do. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself.”

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