It’s ComedySportz!

ComedySportz: the game where only the smartest, quickest, and the funniest team will come out as champions. It was invented in 1984 by a group of men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was brought to Seven Lakes in 2005-2006. ComedySportz is a game of competitive improvisation where two teams compete against each other in a series of challenges that are chosen by the audience.

“There’s no possible way for us to come up with any of it [beforehand] because we get suggestions from the crowd,” sophomore Zach Drescher said. “We might get something as random as cake, pizza, and Bob, and then we have to come up with a story on that. Sometimes it can be absolutely terrible, but we are told to fail big. That’s what makes it so much fun because you can fail and still make people laugh.”

ComedySportz is sponsored by the theatre department. It has many aspects of theater in it such as improvisation which is a form of acting and performing, so many if not all, the students on the team are in theater. However, they each have their own individual reasons for joining the team.

“What got me involved was mostly my mom encouraging me to do so, she was the only person who really thought I was funny,” junior Khloe Kulbrandstad said. “Also my sister used to tell me when she was in high school how funny their team was so I was like ‘hey I can be sort of funny’.”

In ComedySportz, the players have to think on their feet to come up with funny but bizarre answers, so it can often be challenging.

“Being on the same page is the most challenging part,” senior Jared Guidry. “A lot of times everyone will come with their own ideas to a game so finding that middle ground where everyone can pitch in their ideas and still have a cohesive scene [is difficult].”

ComedySportz is unique in the way that the team celebrates its wins and deals with its loses.

“Most of the time we don’t care what the outcome of the game is,” Guidry said. “It’s kinda interesting because most sports are like you gotta win, you gotta win, but with ComedySportz, it’s more like you celebrate your wins and you don’t care if you lose. A lot of the times we might be playing ourselves or teams that have our team members on it. Also, a lot of us know each other across schools so seeing them [the other team] succeed is just as fun as seeing yourself succeed.”

Like other sports, the Seven Lakes ComedySportz team has its hopes and goals set for the rest of the season.

“We really want to make it to Prelims,” Drescher said. “Prelims is basically the [main] competition for ComedySportz, and then hopefully win it all.”


Come Out and Support ComedySportz!

Upcoming Matches:

November 1st, 2018 – Seven Lakes vs. Cinco Ranch and Foster

November 29th, 2018 – Seven Lakes vs. Seven Lakes Faculty and Staff

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