A Message to All Moms and Dads

It’s a parent’s natural instinct to try to provide the best for their children. They want to give their children a better life and education than they had. When it comes to giving advice, they tend to want to impose their beliefs of what a good career should be onto their children. However, it isn’t so easy to simply determine the “correct” career for students who have not yet discovered their passions and their identity. Many times, parents immediately try to shut down their child’s suggestions because they simply disagree with the ideas. However, this is wrong since it not only impedes individualism but also hinders the exploration process for students. Parents should not play the final decision maker role when helping their children decide their future education path.

Parents should only act as a guiding factor in a student’s educational decision, not the final decision-maker. According to Qualifax, parents should still continue to show support and interest in their children’s decisions, but they should also allow students to develop their own identities and interests. When parents place a specific expectation upon their child, their child may feel fearful and unsure about pursuing a career in something that’s less practical, like art or drama. If parents let students decide on their own, students will be able to freely explore their different interests to see which ones will suit them the best in the future. Furthermore, students will lead a happier life if they are allowed to choose a career that they will enjoy in the future. If they choose something they love to do, they will be more likely to study harder in order to achieve their goals

Although it is understandable that parents see themselves as more experienced and able to give good advice to their children, their excessive control of their children’s lives can hinder the student’s development of individuality. A student cannot fully step into adulthood if they continue depending on their parents to make all important decisions for them. They must learn how to think for themselves. Choosing a future career is one of life’s toughest decisions; it is best to allow the student to explore each field and profession so that they can expand their horizons and decide the best job for themselves. In the end, it is the children’s decision that ultimately matters.

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