Spike, Hit, and Win: 2018 Champions Set Goals for the New Year

The serve resonated through the gym causing all to stop and watch a winning serve take place right before their eyes. Once the ball lands on the ground, the crowd cheers with so much excitement. The team won second in state and plan on

“Being in the state tournament was so surreal,” senior Becca Chang said. “We really bonded as a team that weekend and had a blast on the bus.”

Due to the big win, the pressure is high this time around to meet those expectations or better yet surpass it.

“There is for sure pressure to go to state again this year,” senior Lexi Stumbough said. “We are trying to not let it get to our head and just let it happen naturally.”

The season is starting off on a great start. The team is currently doing well as far as the district goes and hope to stay that way.

“We are currently first in district,” senior captain Natalie Winter said. “It’s been a competitive season because all of the teams in our district are considerably good.”

Athletic success is due to excessive support and encouragement from classmates and coaches. The continuous support enables them to play the best way they can.

“Most of my friends are a part of the volleyball program so they’re very supportive of me and I’m supportive of them,” Chang said.

Being an athlete usually means many practices resulting in a lack of free time to hang out with friends who aren’t on the volleyball team. This is discouraging for the players but they continue to find a way to appreciate what they love to do.

“Sometimes it does get in the way of being able to spend time with other people, which is frustrating,” Stumbough said. “But I have to remind myself that I am doing something I love.”

The typical athlete would have to sacrifice certain things in order to play the best way that they can for their sport and one of them is giving up specific foods. Eating certain foods is something that athletes need to keep in mind of to stay in top shape for their sport.

“I eat salads and a lot of fruits,” senior Morgan Janda said. “I try to stay away of  too much junk foods but also during practice we condition a lot so that helps me stay in shape as well.”

One thing that makes a great team is positivity in the environment. The ladies have learned to stay away from negativity in order to be successful as far as the sport goes.

“Coach Cataline is all about team first and being in a positive atmosphere, so I’ve learned to just be positive and support everyone on the team,” Chang said. “My teammates are passionate about volleyball and their drive makes me want to play to the best of my ability.”

Usually, a team of every sport has a team captain to encourage and be the leader of the team. The captain is a driving force to the unity of the players.

“I’ve been captain for two years and it comes with a lot of responsibility because the younger program looks up to you a lot,” Winter said. “I have to make sure that I am a leader to the freshman and JV teams as well as being a great teammate to my own on varsity.”

The success of the volleyball team persuades future volleyball players to join. To be a part of the team comes with confidence that future players should attain.

“If you love this sport and want to play at the next level then just keep working and you can go as far as you want to go,” Stumbough said.

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