Happy 100th Birthday, Katy ISD!

A Timeline of Katy ISD Through the Years

One clear vision—a vision that was designed by dedicated families around the Katy area, created the great tradition of Katy Independent School District with the aim of creating opportunities for students and providing experiences that were designed to inspire students. Over the past 100 years, thousands of devoted people have joined to develop and shape the great tradition, becoming one community of Katy ISD. This year, Katy ISD celebrated its 100th year.


1898 | Katy School Established

The Katy Common School District (CSD) was formed to serve the town of Katy and the surrounding communities. A high school and elementary school were established in a home at Avenue A & Sixth Street.

1899 | First Katy School Building Constructed

The city constructed a wooden, one-room schoolhouse at the site of the current Katy Elementary School’s playground, in order to serve all grade levels.



1909 | Permanent Katy School Building Built

A permanent two-story brick building for secondary students was built adjacent and south of the wooden building. First and second grade classrooms remained in the 1899 building.

1918 | Katy Independent School District Formed

The Katy Independent School District was established by voters and incorporated the common school districts in Dishman, Schlipf, Sills.

1927 | Katy Elementary School Built

A new classroom was constructed for elementary school students. An auditorium and a cafeteria were also built.

1931 | Katy ISD First Buses Purchased

Two school buses were purchased—one transported students from Waller County and the other from Harris County.

1939 | Katy ISD Football Began

The first Katy ISD football team was established at Katy High School.

1940 | First Graduating Class Graduated

17 students graduated as the first class.

1964 | Agriculture and Rodeo Arena Built

A new Agriculture and Rodeo Arena was built south of Katy High School.



2004 | New Rodeo Arena and Pavilion Completed

The construction of the new rodeo arena and pavilion south of the Education Support Complex was completed.

2004 | Agriculture Barns Opened

The new agriculture barns were opened north of Katy.

2018 | Katy ISD Celebrated 100th Year

Katy ISD celebrated its 100th birthday on May 23, 2018 with committees in Katy ISD.


All photos provided by KISD Communications.

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