REVIEW: Square Root Poké

Poke is a Native Hawaiian dish containing diced raw fish offered with many veggies, sauces and toppings, customized to the consumer’s liking. Square Root Poké offers a variety of options, fresh ingredients, a comfortable, clean environment to enjoy poke in, and complementary miso soup. As it was my first time trying poké, I was very pleased and had to spread the word. Don’t be scared of the raw fish!

This customized bowl is mainly composed of ahi tuna, salmon and brown rice.The contrast between the warm rice and the cold salmon is impeccable.
Many plants are displayed right by the entrance such as succulents and bamboo. This adds a clean and comfortable feel throughout the whole restaurant.
Complementary Miso soup is offered on the side. Miso is a japanese soup made from softened miso paste.
This customized bowl mainly composed of salmon, crab and white rice. Many textures are incorporated such as the crunchy onion and chewy seaweed.
An array of fresh protein to choose ranging from scallops to tuna. Tofu is also provided as a vegetarian option.
Variety of veggies, herbs, and even fruits to choose from. Veggies are the most crucial part while creating a Poké bowl.
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