National School Walkout on April 20th

April 20th, 2018. 10 a.m. Students across the nation streamed out of their classroom for one main reason: change. Students walked out of their classes to honor the lives who have been killed in school shootings and also to demand change from lawmakers. These students are not stopping without a fight. These students are demanding gun reform. They are tired of sitting in their classrooms wondering if they would be another statistic. They are tired of growing up and watching all of these school shootings happen before their eyes. They are tired that after so many school shootings, change hasn’t been brought forth.
“It was a national movement and it was being taken in our school,” said sophomore Ayesha Nagaria. “If anything thing happened, I wanted to be apart of it.”
Not only did it happen across the world but it happened in our very own school, Seven Lakes High School. It was surprising for some students to actually see it happen in their school. Yes, this happened nationwide but it becomes a shock when it happens right in front of a person.
The students who walked out with confidence knew what they were up against, unexcused absences and so on. But this did not stop them from fighting towards their goal. Change comes with a price and they accepted that price.
“Beyond [unexcused absences], students faced social consequences – many being questioned, teased, or worse over voicing their political opinions and beliefs in such a way,” said senior Kellie Escovy. “We are fighting for the lives of those who don’t understand what we’re doing yet, and we’re okay with that.”
The results of the statistics are showing that this is a polarizing issue that calls for attention and because of this they were brave enough to fight for change in their community.
“Every day, 47 children and teens fall to victim to gun violence in America alone,” said junior Kellie Escovy.
Through this, these students are hoping that their voices will be heard not just from people but from the politicians. They want them to understand that this is just the beginning.

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