Introducing: Young Filmmakers Club


Movies, commercials, music videos – as the media can already prove, film has been being a big matter and swaying people’s attention. Movement which has purpose of creating better films has been happening worldwide, and here stands the Young Filmmakers Club, presenting a diverse variety of films.

“Film has been an interest of mine since sophomore year when I moved here,” officer junior Sudona Barton said. “When I discovered that there was a club for film I was immediately drawn to it.”

Founded in 2016, Young Filmmakers Club is a non-curricular club that brings students together who share an interest in watching and making films. Barton also shared true purpose of film club, which they have the desire to provide a median for students that are interested in film to further explore the field of film, and also have a place to meet others with sharing interests. That’s why the officers try to have fun film related viewing or discussions but also open to anyone that needs help from any of their more experienced officers.

“A major event that film club officers host every year is the Film Festival,” Barton said.

As such, known to be the crucial event for Young Filmmakers Club, Film Festival is an event where the officers showcase the very best films that were made not only by film club member but by the whole students. It actually is a very big project for officers as it takes extensive amounts of preparation.

“It takes a lot of work and months of planning but seeing the outcome where we get to feature filmmakers and engage the audience really makes it all worth it,” Barton said. “Every one of us officers have individual duties but also come together as one team to tackle our tasks.”

Furthermore, Barton shared how the officers prepare for the huge event. She said that it is a very big project for them, as it takes extensive amounts of preparation. The film club officers start discussing ideas during summer and the process of preparing doesn’t stop until film festival starts. In order to make money for the festival, many things such as fundraising, scheduling, promoting, ticket selling, and financing take part in the process of getting ready for film festival.

“The most memorable moment for me was last year at film festival,” Barton said. “I was so happy when the event ended in success… I definitely recommend students to join film club. I think film club is a great club to join to not only have fun but learn about a relatively new form of art. And even if you don’t have the intention to make videos, it’s totally fine because all you have to like is watching movies.”

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