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The New Year of Music

“I’m most excited for the album ‘Nation of Two’ because Vance Joy is my favorite artist. His previous album was one of my favorites, and inspired me to play the ukulele. Even though I haven’t listened to the album, I already am planning on going to the concert.” Sarah White, 11


“I was really looking forward to ‘Culture II’ by Migos because I liked their album ‘Culture’, and because the flow of the Migos is too saucy. My favorite song on the album is Stir Fry because I like the vibe of it.” Rishav Mohanty, 9


“I was really excited for ‘Amen’ by Rich Chigga because it is the first time that I’ve seen an artist from my home country get really big so fast.” Rafif Randoosa, 11


“Even though it already came out, I was really excited for ‘Amen’ by Rich Chigga because I feel Rich Brian or formally known as Rich Chigga is quite underrated. I am surprised he hasn’t blown up as much as I expected, especially with all his banging singles. He teased a couple of his songs before releasing the album, like his collaboration with 21 Savage. With this being his debut album, I am really hype for what is to come for him and his career because he is only 18.” DJ Cruz, 12


“I am really looking forward to Charlie Puth’s new album that comes out in March. I really enjoy the music that he has put out before, and I think that the messages he relays in his songs are really meaningful.” Naseem Shahlaee, 10


“Although it isn’t confirmed that Frank Ocean’s next album will come out this year, I am most excited for his because it has been a couple of years since he released an album, and he’s one of my favorite artists. I love the singles that he has been putting out over the past year.” Chloe Farlow, 11


“I’m really excited for Cardi B’s new album because she had a good year in 2017, and people are expecting something good since she had many top hits last year. Also, I’m interested to know who she will have featuring in her album because her songs are high energy and puts me in a good mood. I think her voice is unique, and she has a different style.” Kerem Ay, 10


“I’m most looking forward to ‘Born 2 Ball’ by Lonzo Ball because I think that his album will be really interesting because this is something that he did on his own without his dad, and also because I am a big baller.” Lance Lanting, 10


“I listen to a lot of music, so I was most excited for the Black Panther album, Troye Sivan’s, and the 1975’s because they are some of my favorite artists, and I think that they will be really good.” Carissa Boado, 11


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