Spring Book Recommendations

What To Read This Spring


What To Read This Spring

“Barn 8” by Deb Olin Unferth

A heist story like no other, Barn 8 takes readers into the minds of two auditors for the egg industry who decide to steal a million hens in one night — Janey, who is still reeling from the sudden death of her mother nearly six years later, and Cleveland, who is desperate to reconnect with the liveliness that Janey’s mother had as her babysitter. Full of eccentric characters, incredible imagery, casual factoids about American egg production, and just the right amount of twists, Barn 8 is a powerful whirlwind of a book that readers can’t miss out on.

“I Killed Zoe Spanos” by Kit Frick

In this suspenseful, mysterious story of a missing woman and her doppleganger, readers follow Anna Cicconi after she takes a job as a summer nanny in the Hamptons town of Herron Mills, a community still reeling from the disappearance of Zoe Spanos, who Anna looks suspiciously similar to. As Anna begins to remember incriminating memories about her past, her life begins to intertwine with that of the teen host of a crime podcast show dedicated to finding Zoe. Winding between the past and present, I Killed Zoe Spanos is a story of luxury and loss that will keep readers on edge as they wonder: who really killed Zoe?

“Wilder Girls” by Rory Power

In what’s been considered the female version of Lord of the Flies, Rory Power’s Wilder Girls is a haunting, chilling tale about an all-girls school isolated on an island and threatened by the “Tox” — the post-apocalyptic disease that is mutating the nature on the island, and the girls themselves. After her best friend goes missing, protagonist Hetty must wander out into the Tox-infected woods to find her — and ends up discovering much more than she bargained for. A profound exploration of survival, friendship, and humanity, Wilder Girls is an innovative dip into horror that will keep readers entranced in its prose and world-building.

“An Unkindness Of Magicians” by Kat Howard

An urban fantasy novel that turns magic on it’s head, An Unkindness of Magicians takes New York City and transforms it into the arena for a magical competition to the death. Competitors from magic houses duel to keep their house in high standing — and their power. Enter Sydney, an unknown magician and an outsider who wields an unmatched level of power. As more is revealed about Sydney, more too is exposed about the houses: the explosive family drama backed by magical powers, the shameful secrets kept to hold on to power, and the lengths at which they’ll go to remain at the top of the hierarchy. With an ending that will leave readers reeling, An Unkindness Of Magicians is exactly what urban fantasy is meant to be.

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