Being Single

“I’m so lonely.”

“I’m so lonely.”

It’s a statement lamented by many of us, whether it’s after seeing a happy couple or munching popcorn over another run of The Notebook. While it’s not downright stated — until now, that is — being single is sometimes seen as a sign of inadequacy, or of being unwanted, as if our connections to other people make us worthy.

Nobody denies it: being in a relationship is amazing. Trust me, I’ve been there, too. Finding someone who sets off your personality and makes you happy is one of the best experiences out there. But it’s time we acknowledge that being independent — able to stand by ourselves — is just as amazing.

Learning to live self-sufficiently in 2021 is a thing to be celebrated: it means time to improve, time to focus on what needs to be done, time for self-improvement, and time for the reflection that’s been put off for so long.

The reality is, there are people to see and places to be. It’s not like the world is somehow different for a single person; there are still jobs to go to, friends to meet up with, and schedules to keep. If anything, being single is the prime time to enjoy doing anything on a whim. You don’t have anyone to worry about except you. (Excluding family and friends, of course.) And that should feel amazing. Wear what you want, eat where you want, stay home when you want. The freedom that comes with being unattached is so overlooked compared to the cute pictures or sweet captions dominating the media around us.

Perhaps that is why the idea of single = lonely is at the forefront of our collective mind: the media. Magazine covers are filled with lines like ‘How To Catch His Attention’ or ‘DO THIS FOR A BETTER RELATIONSHIP,’ all articles pushing the narrative that being taken is the key to fulfillment. We drown in the latest celeb pictures and coo over the cuteness of their little toddlers before going back to our own ‘lonely’ lives, forgetting we’re at the liberty of our own decisions.

The key is to take advantage of the situation — no more wallowing in your Cheeto-stained sweatpants and watching movies! Make the best of your time as you walk through life as a single Pringle. Think about it: when you’re too busy living your life, when can you feel lonely? Falling back on the friends and family that will always be there is a great way to shift your focus away from the gray idea of isolation, and onto the comforting knowledge that no matter how lonely you might feel, you will always be loved.