Get to Know Black Panther

An Insight Into Chadwick Boseman’s Legacy as a Hero

An Insight Into Chadwick Boseman’s Legacy as a Hero

Following the recent loss of Chadwick Boseman, one of the world’s favorite Marvel faces, there has been an outpouring of support from avid fans over his talent, character, and influence. During a time of both uncertainty and racial tension, his timeless portrayal of Black Panther stands as the courageous — and unifying — symbol we need.

First appearing in 1966, possibly as a figurehead during the Civil Rights Movement, Black Panther is the alias of T’Challa, noble prince of Wakanda. Located in Africa, this highly-advanced nation lives in a relative self-imposed exile due to the valuable resources and knowledge they hold. Becoming king after the death of his father, featured briefly in “Captain America: Civil War”, Black Panther’s next appearance would be in the 2018 film bearing his own name.

Audiences first got to know T’Challa when he faced the fierce adversary Erik Killmonger, real name N’Jadaka, a battle-hardened Navy SEAL of Wakandan origins. Carrying the death of his father with him, Killmonger fosters an intense inner hatred for T’Challa, who he believed was the killer. Convinced that Wakanda must revolt against its old — and seemingly murderous — ways, and that he himself was the rightful heir to the throne, Killmonger vowed to track down T’Challa.

However, due to the increased agility, instinct, and strength the Black Panther gives him, or rather the suit he dons, T’Challa proves a greater challenge than Killmonger believed; especially with help from the Dora Milaje, a lethal all-female army tasked with protecting their king.

Given millions of positive reviews and leaving audiences gaping, the 2018 masterpiece holds a cherished place among Marvel fans, even in an already powerful lineup of films. A lasting testament to the talent and character of Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther resonates with the message that just like Wakanda, his legacy will last forever.