The Search For Seven Lakes Clubs

How You Can Find the Perfect Club for You


How You Can Find the Perfect Club for You

The start of the 2020-2021 school year has been anything but normal. Tumultuous changes to the beginning of school have left many unsure about a lot of things. Among those worries are how to find and join clubs. For many, especially freshman, clubs are a way to find a community of people with the same interests rapidly, easing the transition from junior high to high school. Not hosting a Spartan Spectacular meant that students had no set way to explore the large selection of clubs, leaving them completely clueless. However, enterprising students have done what they can to remedy that.

Under the threat of not getting any new members, club leaders took matters into their own hands and overloaded their social media with promotions. The problem is, stumbling on one advertisement for a club doesn’t mean you have access to the entire catalog of clubs available. That’s where @sevenlakesclubs comes in, an account entirely focused on promoting and advertising the different clubs at Seven Lakes on Instagram. Each post on their account informs students about a different club, including what the club does and how to join it. Scrolling through the account is almost like walking through the halls during Spartan Spectacular — there is a large variety of clubs all gathered in one spot, vying for your attention.

Or, if you’re still not satisfied with the selection @sevenlakesclubs has to offer, you can always rely on listening closely. Teachers who sponsor clubs will oftentimes bring them up in class, and you can always take it as an opportunity to ask more questions and learn how to get involved. Share the information you find with your friends — while they might not be interested in a club they heard about, you could be. 

While it’s anything but typical, this school year doesn’t have to be without one of the most fun parts of school. The club for you is out there — you just have to find it.