Wrestling Player Profile


Dayro Gutierez

Background: I didn’t make the soccer team my freshman year, so I tried Track. I didn’t love it, so I decided to try wrestling in my Sophomore year. I’ve loved it ever since. It’s been a tough journey. It’s hard on the body and the mind. Just getting through one season was hard, but it gets more difficult every year because there are more expectations.  It’s a really fun sport though. It has taught me a lot of discipline and a lot of character. That’s why I love wrestling.

Pregame Ritual: My pregame ritual is usually doing a second warm up by myself with some Eminen music playing.

Hype Songs: My hype songs are Kings Never Die and Phenomenal by Eminem 

Category: I compete in the 170 weight class

Season So Far: It’s been a good season so far. We have a very tough team this year. 

Team Relationship: Our team is close, we are like a family. 

Practice Schedule: Our regular season schedule is practicing on Monday and Tuesday, dueling on Wednesday, practicing on Thursday, either competing or practicing on Friday, and competing on Saturday.  We wrestle every day other than Sunday. Practices are usually two hours long but during breaks, they are three hours. 

Low Point: My lowest point was last year. My season was filled with getting sick and having skin infections. I was out of wrestling multiple times over the season and I couldn’t pull off a win last year.