Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Frederick, Kezia M (SLHS)

What it Takes to Fully Develop as a Person

As knowledge is power, the idea of maturing and fostering personal growth seems to be what all humans strive for. In fact, some individuals even see that sentiment as the meaning of life — humans are put on this earth solely to grow and pass on knowledge for future generations. However, as education is directly focused on improving test scores and excelling in academics, society is bred to short-come the crucialness of personal development. Development in communication, creative, interpersonal and self-control skills are hindered. The life-long goal of personal development varies from person from person, but obtaining these certain habits will guarantee growth, no matter what one’s objective is. 

Communication is essential, as it reduces conflicts and and serves as the binding contact between others. Communication is essential in many aspects included in one’s everyday life — relationships, jobs, school, sports. Listening increases one’s ability to learn. Revitalizing ourselves is derived from listening, which allows us to develop new ways of thinking. 

Comfort zones — a neutral state that breeds routine — serves as a dangerous boundary in one’s path to development. Dreams seem so far-fetched due to one’s initial understanding that achieving those dreams requires one to step out of their comfort zone. Taking risks is what makes us grow. Learn to not fear failure. Stepping out of that barrier of comfort enables one to embrace new ideas and take chances. 

Life progresses, leaving one to face experiences and challenges that breed into strong self-awareness. A strong self-awareness is established through one’s understanding of their own needs, wants, and desires. Being at peace within enables one to love life and all of its hardships, leaving more room to develop instead of dwelling on what one cannot do. 

Personal growth serves as a definition for a multitude of others, as many obtain strength and weaknesses. Everyone obtains a goal — fame, wealth, love — and when achieved, will make one believe that they have truly developed as a person. As inconsistent thoughts, doubts, and regret hinder one’s ability to progress, the right utilization of skills and mindset will lead one to be the person they have always always craved to be. Don’t compare yourself to others, as comparison only reitorirates what one lacks, not what one already has. Remember, every time you think about giving up — think back to why you have started.